Ballplayer taxes are really, really complicated


It’s tax day. You got three extra days this year because of, um, Leap Year or the supermoon or Trump or something. I’m too busy to check. But today is the day by which you have to have your return filed barring an extension. It’s a stressful time for most folks who wait to do such things. You insane people who do your taxes in January are the worst sorts, really.

Over at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Stephen Nesbitt has an enlightening article about the challenges baseball players have in filing their taxes. No, it’s not a story about rich people complaining about their rates or anything like that. It’s about the complications in filing which come from playing in multiple cities and multiple states each year. And in dealing with demotions to the minor leagues and what you do while on rehab assignments in Florida or wherever. And, of course, all of the hidden municipal taxes levied on just pro athletes.

The next time you hear an athlete complain about his taxes, don’t be quick to think he’s complaining about how much he pays. It’s probably about how many different places he pays and just how hard it is for he — or, hopefully, his accountant — to keep track of it all.