A final call for Vin Scully to work the World Series


Richard Dietsch of Sports Illustrated has led this chorus before to no avail, but he leads it one last time in his column today: the call for Fox to hire Vin Scully to call the World Series in this, his final year as a broadcaster.

I’d love it. You’d love. I think everyone would love it. Even Fox’s lead broadcaster Joe Buck, quoted extensively in the piece, would love it and said he’d step aside to allow Vin to take the mic. The only person who is not on board, at least publicly, is Vin Scully.

Scully is aware of how he is idolized by now. But it’s something with which he’s never been comfortable. There are lots of people who put on a front of false modesty in such situations, but Scully’s is genuine. He’s just of a different generation. Sort of a pre-celebrity generation in a lot of ways. For all of the things people say and feel about him, he still feels like he’s just doing his job and that the fuss is all rather awkward and embarrassing. It’s hard for those of us who have always lived in a world where famous people sort of get off on being famous to get our heads around that, I suppose.

Best part of Dietsch’s column, I think, are the comments from Buck which mention something most of us probably never think about. Separate and apart from the attention and potential gimmicky nature of all of this is that . . . it would be hard for Scully. Different crew, different production truck and different expectations. Assuming the Dodgers aren’t involved it’s twice as much prep at least. There was a time when Scully stepped into a national broadcast booth on the regular back in his NBC days, but that was many, many years ago. Modesty aside, being the new guy on your last day before you retire is probably not the most comfortable thing imaginable.

So: yes, wonderful idea. And if it could somehow happen in a way that would make everyone comfy with it I’d welcome it. But I think we’d be better served in having MLB and Time Warner and the Dodgers and everyone figure out how to get the final Dodgers games of the season, be they regular season or playoff games, be nationally televised, non-blacked out games so everyone can enjoy Scully before he slips into a well-deserved retirement.