Kevin Costner wants to do a movie about the Cubs

AP Photo

Kevin Costner starred in one excellent baseball movie, one that wasn’t so good but had more good moments in it than its detractors like to admit and one execrable pile of sappy treacle disguised as a baseball movie yet simultaneously doing a disservice to sappy treacle and baseball. I’ll let you guys figure out which one is which.

But he’s not done! At least he doesn’t think so. He was on Larry King’s show (Wait: Larry King still has a show?)  promoting his most recent flick when he said that, maybe, he has one more baseball movie in him:

“I’ve enjoyed (all the baseball movies). I think I have one more in me. It has to do with the Cubs. I don’t know, I have to get it written.”

Please fund my Kickstarter campaign to go back in time and divert a young Kevin Costner’s attention away from baseball. “Bull Durham” would still exist without it. They would’ve gotten another actor to play Crash Davis and, while he did a great job with that role, it probably would’ve been OK with someone else. Kurt Russell coulda pulled it off I bet. Or Jeff Bridges. Ron Shelton’s script and Susan Sarandon make that movie anyway.

Consider yourself warned, Cubs fans. Kevin Costner has you on his radar.