Video: Randal Grichuk passes Brandon Moss on the base paths after homering

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

The Cardinals were already ahead with a 3-0 lead over the Brewers in the bottom of the third inning on Thursday. Randal Grichuk added to it, smacking a two-run homer to center field off of Brewers starter Wily Peralta.

It wasn’t an obvious home run, so Brandon Moss — who was on first base — hung around the first base bag to make sure he could tag up and advance if center fielder Keon Broxton could make the catch. Grichuk, watching the fly ball and not Moss as he ran to first base, actually ran past Moss which meant that Grichuk should have been called out and credited with an RBI single. However, the Brewers didn’t seem to notice, so the infraction went unpunished. Or perhaps the Brewers have finally embraced nihilism and just didn’t care.

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