Chip Hale doesn’t like that Rick Honeycutt was yelling at the Diamondbacks’ dugout


There have been a lot of plunkings in the past couple of Diamondbacks-Dodgers games. None of them seemed intentional and, even with the historic bad blood between these two teams, the “rivalry,” such as it is, is at a low ebb now. There’s a new manager in Los Angeles and no incidents have taken place for a bit. Sometimes stuff just happens and it seems like, over the past two days, stuff has just been happening.

Still, Dodgers pitching coach Rick Honeycutt was jawing at the Diamondbacks dugout last night following three more plunkings of Dodgers hitters, primarily at Dbacks manager Chip Hale, who jawed back. After last night’s game Hale took exception to the jawing. From

I guess their pitching coach didn’t care for their guys getting hit. It was OK yesterday when our two guys got hit in the wrist, but tonight it wasn’t right even though the last pitch that [Jake] Barrett threw was a slider. Pitching in is part of the ballgame, we know that. I’m not going to allow anybody from the other team to yell towards my dugout, whoever he’s yelling at. It’s not acceptable.”

You can watch the video of the jawing here:

[mlbvideo id=”589412083″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

Whatever. I guess we will now have a debate about when it’s ok for a 60 year-old guy to yell at a 50 year-old. Imagine this happening in another sport.

Honeycutt shoulda just flipped Hale the bird. Hale shoulda just responded by making the wanking motion. End of story. Instead I’m sure we’ll get an etiquette lesson from some commentators with copious references to “respect” and stuff.