Chuck D of Public Enemy used to draw 1970s ballplayers

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Twitter and social media is often horrible but it’s moments of greatness make it worth while. It’s like baseball in a way. It may fail 65 times out of 100, but if it comes through 35 times it’s still worth it. Please don’t count how often social media fails, by the way. I feel like it may be more than 65, but let’s just run with the analogy, shall we?.

An example of that was retweeted into my timeline this morning by Ted Berg of USAToday’s FTW. Just randomness from Public Enemy’s Chuck D who, like a lot of people, spends a lot of time messing around in his house and tweeting odd things now and then. In this case, a hobby of his when he was a teenager:

Dick Allen is my favorite, but I like the detail on that Padres cap too.