The Arizona Diamondbacks . . . don’t look so hot today


The Arizona Diamondbacks introduced their new uniforms over the winter and, the very next day, announced the signing of Zack Greinke. So, naturally, it was easy to forget every last possible combination of their current livery. There are a lot, though, Reds and teals and grays and everything in between. So many combinations that, at some point this season, they are certain to run into a snafu in which someone wears the wrong thing, right?

Today is not technically a snafu, as everyone is dressed alike. But boy howdy are they in the wrong thing. As in, a very bad looking uniform that looks like something the Jacksonville Jaguars saw and said “no, too swampy looking even for us.” Heck, the University of Oregon called and said “look, Arizona, you guys gotta have some limits on what you wear, OK?”

Either way, I agree with my colleague Mr. Silva here: