Madison Bumgarner some trouble finding the right sized shoes


This is a fun little story which, while in and of itself is kind of pointless, gives you a glimpse into what ballplayers think about and go through to do what they do.

It’s from Ken Rosenthal and it’s about Madison Bumgarner. Bumgarner has dealt with a couple little annoying health issues this spring, including a ribcage issue and some problems with his feet. Rosenthal’s story is about how he went about dealing with the foot problem, at least for a while: changing shoe sizes. He’s worn 13s forever, had a footwear guy tell him he needs 15s, tried the 15s and got relief but then went back to 13s. This information, by the way, was the subject of a media embargo. No, really. Read Rosenthal’s story to hear about it.

We hear all the time about mechanics and stuff and how many variables go into them. We hear about tweaks as well, and just how small they can be. Given that a guy who has pitched at the highest levels is still messing with things like shoe sizes, you have to figure that we only hear about a fraction of the tweaks and things, real or imagined, baseball players think about in going about their business. It’s gotta be a complicated business.

(h/t Jessica, who would probably let a major league team hire her as a footwear consultant).