The A’s had to fly home on a Giants-themed plane yesterday

Library of Congress

The Oakland A’s are definitely the little brother to the San Francisco Giants when it comes to Bay Area baseball politics. It wasn’t always the case — the A’s have had great moments in their history at times when the Giants weren’t doing so hot — but ever since the Giants got their new ballpark and the A’s ballpark began to crumble, it’s clear who truly rules baseball in that area.

I don’t feel like A’s fans — at least the ones I know — have an inferiority complex about this. They sort of view it the way punk rockers viewed, I dunno, Pink Floyd in the 1970s. “The uncool people can have them!” they sort of say. “We like our own little thing. It’s better!” Of course that’s a complicated stance too, and there is definitely a sense that comparisons and, at times, jealousy and resentment fuel these sorts of dynamics. Punks didn’t want to fill arenas, necessarily, and A’s fans don’t want to be like the Giants, but there’s some . . . baggage there.

This sort of story is the kind of baggage that I mean. The one in which the A’s, flying home from Seattle to Oakland after yesterday’s game, had to ride in a charter plane that was painted up with San Francisco Giants branding:


Led Zeppelin had their own plane. Their name was painted on the side of it too. Imagine the Ramones having to take that someplace.