Braves reliever Daniel Wrinkler breaks his elbow throwing a pitch

Associated Press

Jarrod Parker fractured his elbow during a spring training game last month. It was horrible, not just for its own sake, but because Parker had dealt with so many other injuries and the latest one just made it seem like the guy is snakebitten.

Maybe Daniel Winkler is the east coast version of Parker. In 2014, when he was with the Rockies he had to have Tommy John surgery. That derailed his prospect status and sent him into journeyman land. He had latched on with the Braves last year and had a nice spring, making the big club’s pen.

Then yesterday, while throwing a pitch against the Cardinals he fractured his elbow and ran off the mound in obvious pain. If you must you can watch the video here, but don’t feel obligated.

He’ll have to have surgery now and will likely miss the entire year. Such a shame.