The man who has sold a million beers

Associated Press

It’s beer day today, I guess. Well, every day is beer day if you’re living your life properly, but here’s our second beer-related story in a row.

It’s from NPR StoryCorps and it’s about a vendor for the Baltimore Orioles named Clarence Haskett who goes by the nickname “Fancy Clancy.” Haskett has slung concessions for the Orioles for 42 years and, according to the article, “he has sold more than a million beers.”

He also treats his job like a sport itself:

“The way that I look at my job as a vendor, my mindset is I’m a professional athlete. I have to stay in shape, I have to train during the offseason,” Haskett says. “Because vendors running around with straps around their neck? That’s only on television commercials. Good vendors pick up their case and they carry it.”

If you’ve really watched these folks work, you know he’s right and you know just how hard and fast a good vendor hustles. The more they sell the more they make.

A cool part of the game we never see. At least until we’re thirsty.