Jacob deGrom may have to leave in the middle of today’s start


Mets manager Terry Collins said today that it’s possible Jacob deGrom will have to leave during the middle of his start against the Phillies this afternoon.

Why? Because DeGrom’s wife is due to give birth at any moment. Like . . . it could be now! OMG!

People out there who are pregnant for the first time or have a partner who is are probably freaking out about now. People who already have kids are like “eh, whatever happens at the hospital, he’ll be done by the 7th. Everyone chill out.” New parents are my spirit animals. I love them so.

In any event, if deGrom has to skedaddle, Logan Verrett will be the emergency pitcher. Which will stress out everyone else who wasn’t stressed out about the idea of an impending birth.

Good look, deGrom family!