Nationals outfielder Matt den Dekker had a pretty wild day


We noted that Matt den Dekker of the Washington Nationals had a nice night against the Braves. But his day was definitely kind of crazy.

We saw him hit a two-run double to bring the Nats from behind and win the game against the Braves, but he woke up yesterday morning in Syracuse, a member of the Triple-A Chiefs. As Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post notes, He was called up mid-yesterday afternoon when Ben Revere was placed in the disabled list. He hopped a 5:30 flight to Atlanta to join the Nationals and showed up at the stadium in Atlanta during the 5th inning. That two-run double came in the seventh.

Speaking as someone whose entire day is ruined if the mail comes five minutes late or if the router needs to be reset, I am nearly incapable of understanding how someone can have the kind of day den Dekker had and just, bam, come in and be a hero like that. Outstanding.

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