Eric Hosmer was the most popular person at the Justin Bieber concert last night


I’m not entirely sure where Justin Bieber stands these days on the popularity matrix. I figure he was past his sell date but I learned a long time ago not to make such assumptions about elements of popular culture with which I am not really super familiar. I thought Timberlake was done after *NSYNC, so what the heck do I know? I know Bieber has been on a lot of TV shows and stuff. Comeback? Never left? I dunno, but he’s selling concert tickets so good for him.

And good for Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer, who went to the Bieber show. Hosmer is 26, so that at least suggests Bieber is growing up with his audience or his audience is growing up with him. Then again, age isn’t a perfect barometer either. A friend of mine who is my age went to see Johnny Mathis in concert last night. Which raises two questions: (1) how does a Gen-Xer get into Johnny Mathis?; and (2) Huh, Johnny Mathis is still alive?

Anyway, via USA Today’s FTW and via the Kansas City Star, we learned that Hosmer was mobbed like Bieber last night. Or at least mobbed like Bieber would’ve been a couple of years ago. Or again now? God, I need to go talk to some kids and ask them what all the hep cats are listening to now. In any event, winning a World Series makes you a super popular dude: