Dexter Fowler’s adorable daughter tries to hug him through the TV screen


Dexter Fowler got a lot of that “good ballplayer, better man” stuff in the offseason when people talked about his free agency status. I tend to ignore a lot of that because people say that about a lot of people. You really can’t know what kind of a person is until you get to know them. I’ve heard he’s a really nice guy, but I’ve never talked to him so you never know.

But there’s one person who knows Dexter Fowler VERY well. His daughter. And while she may be a bit biased, she seems to be making a very strong case that Dexter Fowler is someone you just want to hug. Or at least she does.

Warning: it’s getting a bit misty in this room. Must be the dust and cat dander. Yes, that’s it.

This little rascal gets to stay up past her bedtime to watch her daddy 😂

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I can't get enough lol @csnchicago

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