Trevor Story starts his career off with a bang. Two bangs, actually.

Associated Press

Norman Mailer wrote “The Naked and the Dead” right off the bat. Bob Dylan didn’t start out with his absolute best, but he had released the what most people consider to be his best work in his life — the “Bringing is All Back Home/”Highway 61 Revisted”/”Blonde on Blonde” before his 25th birthday. Both of those artists, and anyone else who starts out quickly in life, continued to do good and interesting work later, but so much of their careers were characterized by this sense that they were always trying to live up to some pretty incredible and unlikely early peaks.

OK, that’s a stretch for a baseball post about Trevor Story, but he can TOTALLY use that in some quasi-highbrow conversation later in his life if, after last night’s stunning debut, he face plants for the rest of his career.

The stunning debut: Story, the Colorado Rockies rookie shortstop, became the first player in major league history to hit multiple home runs in his big league debut on Opening Day. He’s the first National League player to hit at least two homers in his first major league game at any time. Four American League players have done it, but never on Opening Day.

All the more impressive: both homers came off Zack Greinke, who knows a thing or two about pitching, even if he was way off his game last night. Story hit a three-run shot in the third inning and a solo home run in the fourth. He’s probably still not fallen asleep yet.

Story is not some fluke. He’s a legit prospect with a nice future in story and he no doubt has many good things coming in his just-started major league career. But even if something weird happens and he never publishes his version of “The Executioner’s Song” or records his version of “Blood on the Tracks,” he’ll always have this.

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