The Brooklyn Cyclones will give away a crying Wilmer Flores bobblehead

Associated Press

It was a pretty touching scene at last year’s trade deadline. Word rapidly spread that the Mets had traded Wilmer Flores to Milwaukee for Carlos Gomez. Spread so far, in fact, even though there was no done deal, that Wilmer Flores heard about it while in the Mets dugout during their game against the Padres. Flores, understandably emotional about it, welled up on the field.

The trade fell through, however, and two days later the whole unfortunate episode turned heartwarming when Flores hit a walk-off homer to win the game. Yay!

Now the Brooklyn Cyclones, the Mets’ New York-Penn League affiliate, is commemorating the event. Both the crying and the happiness which came after, with a “from tears to cheers” bobblehead night:

One day you too may be so lucky as to have one of the most vulnerable and emotional episodes of your life turned into a collector’s item. Like, “that time my wife left me” bobblehead night. Or maybe there will be a “I just got laid off” gnome.