Chip Hale complains about the media hyping up Diamondbacks’ Opening Day

Associated Press

Last April Reds manager Bryan Price launched into a profanity-laden tirade against the media because, in his view, the newsworthy things it was reporting didn’t help the Reds win baseball games. Which is a funny way of looking at the role of media, but you be you, Bryan.

Diamondbacks manager Chip Hale didn’t do anything like Bryan Price did. But after last night’s disappointing loss in the season opener Hale seemed to suggest that, if anyone is upset with the Diamondbacks’ performance against the Rockies, it’s the media’s fault:


Got it, Chip. Hype is clearly something the manager of a major league team should really be caring about and commenting on. Maybe the press should actually go in the opposite direction and smack talk a team that many people are excited about entering the season. That way, if you improve, you get all kinds of credit for overachieving? Could be cool?

In any event, if someone can find an example of a manager getting prickly with the media based on an on-the-field issue that turned out really good and cool for him, I’d love to see it.