Yankees Opening Day postponed due to inclement weather


UPDATE: Welp, I was a tad too quick on the draw there. By the time I posted this, the Yankees had already postponed the game. The game will be made up tomorrow. This was the right call. And it’s good that they made it early so people could plan.

8:35 AM: The Astros and Yankees are supposed to kick of Opening Day Monday at 1pm today. People in New York, however, woke up to snow on the ground this morning, ice pellets falling from the sky and a very bracing 38 degrees or thereabouts. It’s supposed to warm up into the 50s by this afternoon, but the moisture isn’t going anyplace. Rain is forecast all day, with a 75-95% probability. In other words: ick.

If this game was going on in June they may wait until game time to see if they can get it in, but Opening Day is a different deal. More pomp, circumstance and scheduled festivities, don’t you know. As such:


My guess is that, in the parlance of baseball writers everywhere, they bang the game. But we’ll see.