Thieves steal Hunter Pence’s once-stolen scooter from the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Getty Images

Almost two years ago, some jackwagon stole Hunter Pence’s motorized scooter. He used to to, um, scoot to games and bop around downtown San Francisco, and some jerkwad up and stole it from outside a restaurant. Thankfully, in the wake of a bunch of publicity over the theft, it was returned.

A happy ending, yes? Even happier when Pence donated the scooter to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for fundraising purposes. But then the jackwagons — different jackwagons, I’m sure — struck again. From NBC Bay Area:

A pair of thieves struck a Make-A-Wish Foundation office in San Francisco Saturday night and made off with a motorized scooter donated by San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence.

According to Patricia Wilson, the foundation’s executive director, the burglars were caught on surveillance cameras as they also escaped with laptops, iPads and other items.

What kind of evil-hearted person robs the Make-A-Wish Foundation? For what it’s worth, Hunter Pence himself is not pleased:

The way these things often turn out is that, in the long run, good things happen. Someone like Pence or other good-hearted people step up to give more than they might have or otherwise highlight the bad thing which befell a charitable effort in such a way that things turn out OK. That doesn’t make it OK, obviously. It doesn’t make the people who stole from a charity which LITERALLY GRANTS WISHES TO CHILDREN WITH TERMINAL ILLNESSES any less pieces of trash.

C’mon, humanity. Do better.