The Royals are sorry they made the Mets watch their pregame flag-raising ceremony

Associated Press

When the schedule came out showing the Mets visiting the Royals for Opening Day, everyone knew it would be weird that the very same Mets the Royals vanquished in the World Series would be forced to stand on the third base line and watch the World Series flag being raised. And the video montages and all of the other celebratory stuff that came with it.

Some folks thought it was kind of delicious. The morning after, however, the Royals regret that it went down that way. Ned Yost:

“It was just strange, the pregame ceremony . . .[it was] a bit like sending your ex pictures of your honeymoon . . . I think I would have enjoyed it more if we played another team.”

Yost didn’t plan that ceremony you can understand his awkwardness about it. He could probably imagine what it was like to be on the other side of it. All in all, that’s pretty nice of him to say.

For what it’s worth, the Mets don’t have any hard feelings. Here’s David Wright:

“They’re the champs,” Wright said. “They should celebrate it. If the outcome would have been a little different and we won, I’m sure we would have played a nice video as well. They’re the champs. They deserve it.”

Jeez, guys. This is some pretty fertile ground for a media-fueled controversy about an esoteric area of the unwritten rules (i.e. how to celebrate a championship properly). And here you all are acting REASONABLY and RATIONALLY. Where the heck is the fun in that?