Curt Schilling critical of Chris Archer’s hair, for some reason


Previewing Sunday’s Opening Day game between the Blue Jays and Rays for ESPN, Curt Schilling decided to use his on-air time to criticize Chris Archer‘s hair. In a split-screen showing pictures of starters Archer and Marcus Stroman, Schilling circled Archer’s hair with the Telestrator and said, “Chris Archer, everything but this right here: big league.”

Cork Gaines of Business Insider put video of it on Twitter:

Many other broadcasters would likely be given slack for the remark, but given comments made in the past, Schilling doesn’t have the privilege of benefit of the doubt anymore.

Recent highlights of Schilling’s include:

  • Saying presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “should be buried under a jail somewhere”
  • Tweeting that ISIS was winning the Democratic debate going on at the time
  • Tweeting a picture that equated Muslims with Nazis

Additionally, in the context of recent disagreements between older players and younger players concerning displays of emotion, Schilling’s comments come off as more tired culture policing.