2016: The National League East in a nutshell

Associated Press

For the past few weeks we’ve been previewing the 2016 season. Here, in handy one-stop-shopping form, is our package of previews from the National League East.

The Mets have the aces and a pennant. The Nationals have the best player in the National League and a new manager at the helm. The Marlins have the most fearsome power hitter in the game. The Braves and Phillies have a lot of nice people working for them whom, I am sure, all have happy families and some very interesting hobbies, and hey there are more important things in life than winning baseball games, right?

Here are our previews to the beasts of the N.L. East. You can really define the word “beast” in any number of ways if you think about it hard enough.

New York Mets Preview
Washington Nationals Preview
Miami Marlins Preview
Atlanta Braves Preview
Philadelphia Phillies Preview