Video: CC Sabathia discusses his battle with alcohol addiction

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Last October, Yankees starter CC Sabathia announced that he would be checking into an alcohol rehabilitation center at the same time that his team was getting ready to face the Astros in the American League Wild Card game. It came as a surprise to everyone, as Sabathia seemed fine other than injuries limiting his effectiveness on the field.

To Sabathia’s credit, he has been very open and forthright about his battle with alcohol addiction. He wrote an illuminating column for The Players’ Tribune earlier this month. He also allowed VICE Sports to ride along with him in New Jersey during the offseason. Check it out:

Sabathia deserves kudos for this because there’s still a stigma around asking for help with addiction. He could have quietly fought the battle, but his being forthright about it is likely helpful to the thousands of other people fighting the same demons and may encourage them to seek help as well.