Matt Harvey is not pleased with the way the media has covered his bladder infection


Matt Harvey wouldn’t talk to the media yesterday. He was angry, Terry Collins said, about how the press covered his bladder infection. Collins, clearly perturbed himself said . . .

We were scared Monday. You know how scary it is when they are talking about having to decide in 24 hours what kind of procedure they would have to do to remove the clot if it didn’t pass? They were talking about the fact he wouldn’t be able to fly to New York.

“He was scared,” the manager said. “We were all scared for him. And to see everyone make a joke out of it … yeah, he’s mad. He’s not the only one who is.”

Not gonna blame him. It was a serious situation. I will offer that no one — including the tabloids, who I am usually not in the habit of defending — actually made fun of the illness itself and no one was cracking jokes while his condition was uncertain. Based on what I’ve read — and given my admission yesterday that potty humor is basically my favorite thing ever, I’ve read a LOT — people were joking about Harvey’s comments after the fact about having to use the bathroom more often, not his actual condition. Collins acknowledged that, saying that Harvey maybe said a bit too much about going to the bathroom. But Collins, and by extension Harvey, are right that that’s a pretty fine line to draw in a couple of scary days.

Collins’ comments were clearly in response to the tabloid covers, but we’re not innocent here. I made some jokes. I laughed at many more. I go on about empathy and stuff an awful lot but didn’t practice any here. Being in Harvey’s shoes this week was probably not a lot of fun. While some people may have had a laugh about things after the fact — and I think many people thought Harvey was too based on his comments on Tuesday — Harvey was and is entitled to his own feelings and no on really respected them. We assumed he was cool with it and then rushed to make pee jokes.

Sorry, Matt. The media often tells baseball players, in a lot of different ways, that they need to be better. We can and should be told that we need to be better too.