Taijuan Walker has scrapped his cut fastball. Again.


There are people who are very into pitching in very specific ways. Fans who spend a lot of mental energy on knowing a pitcher’s repertoire, which pitches he uses and when and all of that. I will admit that I’m not one of those guys. I love pitching — it’s my favorite part of the game — but it’s on more of a macro level. I am less interested in the execution or technique of any one pitch than I am of the sequences and the setup. Watching a guy set up a batter and then just fool him is the BEST, aesthetically speaking. Just as I don’t often think too hard about a painter’s specific technique I sort of don’t care which pitch a pitcher uses to fool the batter.

Which is why, with a few exceptions, I couldn’t tell you which pitcher throws what. I know who throws hard and who doesn’t and if a guy has a plus pitch I probably know it, but I couldn’t tell you if so-and-so uses a cutter or a slider as his second pitch and don’t even get me started on two-seamers, four-seamers, etc. I can look that stuff up if I need to. I rarely need to because we just don’t do that sort of analysis here very often.

As a result of all of that, this didn’t really register with me when I first saw it today:


Big whoop. Sliders/cutters from a third starter on a team I don’t see all that often isn’t going to hold my attention for long. But then my friend Jason found this tweet:


Not a repeat from this spring. Check the dates.

Good luck to Taijuan Walker. For whom quitting that cut fastball appears to be as hard as it is for some people to quit smoking.