The Braves are going to put a zipline in their new ballpark

Associated Press

Braves fans have long been accused of being something less than hardcore baseball purists. We’re accused of not showing up, sometimes even for the playoffs, and losing what little interest we have in baseball once the college football season starts.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that this is a gross exaggeration. No, the baseball tradition in Atlanta may not be as ingrained as it is in some other cities, but Braves fans are every bit as committed and passionate about— HEY LOOK, ZIPLINE!

Braves Executive Vice-President Derek Schiller says a zip line is part of the team’s effort to make an outing to the ballpark more family friendly.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports the zip line would most likely be placed behind the video board to carry people from one end of the concourse to the other.

A lot of people said the Braves moving to the decidedly non-diverse northern Atlanta suburbs had a lot to do with the politics and demographics of so-called “white flight.” Who knew the Braves would be taking that phrase so literally?