A.J. Reed hit an inside-the-park homer because of a Yoenis Cespedes brain cramp


Astros first baseman is not a small man and not a fast man. But he just hit an inside-the-park homer against the Mets. The reason? Yoenis Cespedes, playing center field, did something somewhat inexplicable.

Reed hit the ball 400 feet and it landed at the base of the wall. Cespedes, apparently believing it was stuck or that it was stuck in some invisible Wrigley Field ivy or something, just stopped. Gave up on the play and held up his hands as if he wanted the umps to signal for a ground rule double. Such a move has worked before — this one was a classic — but the umps weren’t having it here. Reed got on his horse and scored. Inside-the-parker, friends.

Here’s the epic moment:


Now, if you’ll excuse them, Mets fans will be off lobbying the league office for the immediate institution of the DH rule in the National League.