Theo Epstein and Joe Maddon respond to Donald Trump


Yesterday Donald Trump was quoted saying that the Ricketts family had done a “rotten” job running the Cubs. Or, at the very least, that he might run ads saying that they did. So either he believes that the well-run, lucrative, talented, 97-win Cubs team has been run in “rotten” fashion or else he knows better and simply doesn’t care if facts get in the way of whatever he feels like yelling about.

Hmm. Donald Trump do that? Impossible!

Anyway, you shouldn’t be surprised that some Cubs folks responded to The Donald. From the Tribune:

“I have no comment on that,” Epstein said with a grin and a sigh. “I think that speaks for itself, as does our season last year and the turnaround of the franchise.”

The article notes that Theo rolled his eyes when he said that. I’m assuming Epstein doesn’t care much for Trump, but after having to respond to such matters to the media, he may be on board with Trump’s desire to throw the press into jail or whatever it is he’s stumping for.

Joe Maddon too:

Cubs manager Joe Maddon was equal parts amused and muted, though he added that he has voted and has been very entertained this political season “to the point where I prefer watching FOX and CNN over ESPN any day of the week.”

“Wow, I don’t want to get in a battle with Mr. Trump,” Maddon said. “I have no idea what this is all about. … Maybe Mr. Trump didn’t follow the season last year. I have no idea.”

The second paragraph is sensible. The comment about preferring Fox or CNN over ESPN: maybe crazier than anything Trump has ever said.

Just a week and a half until actual baseball, everyone!