The Rays were stuck on the tarmac in Cuba for seven hours


The Rays-Cuba National Team game ended around 5pm yesterday. It’s about an hour flight from Havana to Tampa. The Rays didn’t get home until 5AM this morning.

Why? Their charter plane had a mechanical problem which needed a part that was not available in Havana so they had to wait for a second plane to be flown in. The charter carrier was Eastern Airlines, so apparently the part was being flown in from 1983 (my fellow olds will get that one).

Anyway, the social media hashtag that the Rays had been using for the trip was #RaysInCuba. While stuck on the tarmac, Chris Archer altered it a bit:

The Rays play the Twins in Fort Myers in less than an hour. My guess is that the road squad is going to consist of a LOT of non-roster dudes. If they get fined for that, they can send the bill to Eastern Airlines.