The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs will be the Lehigh Valley Cheesesteaks on June 10


Nothin’ like minor league promotions with local flavor. One will be coming to the Phillies Triple-A affiliate this summer when the Lehigh Valluey Iron Pigs will be known as the Lehigh Valley Cheesesteaks on their Salute to Philly Night on June 10.

Best part: fans can vote which cap the team will wear on the night. One featuring a cheesesteak  “wit onions” or one ‘witout onions.” From the press release:

The Cheesesteaks black jersey design features the word “Steaks” emblazoned across the front chest in “Cheese Wiz” yellow. The chest patch, complete with the appearance of dripping cheese, was specifically designed to emulate the characteristics of hot cheese on a steak sandwich. The jersey’s sleeve patch incorporates the steak sandwich logo.

You all know that I have given Philly a tough time over the years, but I love me a cheesesteak. I haven’t been to a Philly for over ten years, but when I was there I ate the hell out of ’em. There are a couple of places here and in some other cities that do a passable version of it and even second rate cheesesteaks are a pleasure. This is a promotion I can truly get behind.

What else they’ll celebrate on “Salute to Philly Night” is an open question. But go vote for the cheesesteak hats here all the same.