The Braves introduce “The Punisher”


The human body is a wonderful mechanism. It has evolved organs and systems which specifically filter out toxins. It allowed our ancestors to survive on an omnivorous diet and to maximize our fitness despite the uncertainty of when our next meal was coming and where it was coming from. Our ability to survive on nearly anything is one of the many adaptive traits which helped us become the planet’s apex predator and its most dominant organism.

Technology for hunting, farming and, eventually, manufacturing foodstuffs made these toxin-filters a tad less critical. Food is more plentiful now and, overall, it’s safer. We have turned our liver over to more recreational filtration tasks, secure in the knowledge that the meats and vegetables we consume are less likely to destroy us. At least quickly. Bad diets over decades can be ruinous, but eating one single thing is far less likely to kill us now than it was 15,000 years ago.

Or at least that was the case before today:

Can we get those cheesesteaks they’re serving in Lehigh Valley down to Atlanta? Those are actually good. This seems like a bunch of questionable berries near our water source just off the savannah. It’s like a found carcass just outside our cave. Do we eat it? Do we dare? Maybe we survive? How robust are our filtration systems anyway?