Red Sox outfielder David Murphy: “Retirement is definitely a possibility”


Red Sox outfielder David Murphy can opt out of his contract on Sunday if he isn’t on the 25-man roster. In the event the club tries to assign him to Triple-A Pawtucket, Murphy would consider retirement, WEEI’s John Tomase reports.

“I think I’m to the point in my career where I’ve played plenty of baseball, and I don’t think I’m interested in playing in the minor leagues,” Murphy said. “I have four kids. My kids and my wife put up with a lot to go through with this game. When you’re a kid and you dream of playing this game, you dream of being a big leaguer. I would love to play until somebody tells me I can’t play anymore, until they rip the shirt off my back, but I think it’s got to be a big league situation.”

Murphy, 34, inked a minor league contract with the Red Sox at the end of February and has hit .296/.286/.370 so far this spring. He compiled a .283/.318/.421 triple-slash line with the Indians and Angels last year, but that was against right-handed pitching almost exclusively. Murphy batted 365 times versus right-handers nad 26 times versus lefties.

The Red Sox aren’t exactly hurting for outfielders with Rusney Castillo, Mookie Betts, and Jackie Bradley, Jr. slated for the starting roles. A bench bat with a severe platoon split may not be high on their list of priorities.