Must-click link: Remembering Tommy Hanson

Getty Images

Former Braves and Angels pitcher Tommy Hanson died last November. It came completely out of left field and, as is always the case when someone so young passes, it was tragic.

But we’re just baseball fans and we didn’t know him. Most of us don’t think too hard about such losses after the initial part of the story fades and we tend to forget about them until they’re mentioned again. They’re called remembrances for a reason.

Today Scott Miller of Bleacher Report has a remembrance of Tommy Hanson which tells the story of people who don’t require such promoting. His family and his friends who talk more about Hanson the human being as opposed to Hanson the ballplayer. His death left a tremendous void in their lives. He was clearly very special to a great many people. It’s a heartbreaking story but one to which most people can relate based on the loss of someone they cared about. Especially if they’ve lost anyone to addiction, depression or some combination of those things.