The Marlins lose their grievance over Dan Jennings’ salary


Last week the Miami Marlins filed a grievance over the salary of their former manager and GM Dan Jennings. Jennings, now a special assistant to Nationals GM Mike Rizzo, is reportedly being paid $100,000 by the Nats. He’s still owed $1.5 million by the Marlins, which can be reduced by any amount he earns elsewhere. The Marlins argued that the $100,000 salary was too low given his responsibilities with Washington and, as such, they should have more offset from their $1.5 million figure.

Regardless of the merits of the argument, it’s a pretty petty and bush league position for the Marlins to take. They jerked Jennings around pretty thoroughly, putting him in a position in which he was almost certain to fail and then showing him the door. That aside, the money at issue here was very low. Even if they had a good case it’s on the order of a few thousand dollars most likely.

Ken Rosenthal reported this morning, however, that they didn’t even have a good case. The Marlins have lost their grievance. Which is super sad for them, as that’s a few thousand less Jeff Loria will have available to pay himself a salary for doing nothing.