The A-Rod vs. Big Papi feud is over


One of the many bridges Alex Rodrigues burned during his unsuccessful scorched-Earth legal and p.r. offensive in response to the Biogenesis scandal was the one between him and David Ortiz.

The two had been friends back in the day but in 2014 A-Rod’s legal team pointed a finger at Big Papi as a player with PED associations who did not get the kind of scrutiny A-Rod received. The comment, from Rodriguez lawyer Joe Tacopina, was “I’m not going to start naming all the other players, but some of them are God-like in Boston right now.” It led to some bad blood between Ortiz and the Yankees’ DH.

Now, however, the hatchet appears to have been buried. Scott Lauber of ESPN Boston reports that the two met briefly at Jet Blue Park in Fort Myers before the Yankees-Red Sox game last night. Rodriguez says it’s all good. Lauber notes that in another interview, Ortiz said that they’re “at peace.”

Rodriguez will never be anywhere close to the most popular figure in baseball, but he’s doing his best to mend fences, it seems. Or, um, un-burn bridges. Or whatever.