MLB found no evidence that Yasiel Puig struck his sister


A couple of weeks ago there were reports that Yasiel Puig wasn’t expected to be suspended for his involvement in an incident last November at a bar in Miami. Now Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times confirms it officially, with the investigation being formally concluded yesterday.

Specifically, Shaikin reports that Major League Baseball investigators found no evidence to support the claim that Puig hit his sister. In the course of the investigation they interviewed Puig, his sister and witnesses at the club, none of whom said that Puig hit or shoved his sister.

The initial report of the matter came via TMZ which reported a bar fight involving Puig and a bouncer that turned into a group shoving match, but it was unclear if his sister was hit in the course of it, even in the earliest allegations. Based on what has been publicly reported, it’s possible to surmise that the league’s investigation, therefore, was undertaken out of an abundance of caution or based on the mere possibility that a domestic violence incident took place. If that’s the case, MLB seems to have been surprisingly and perhaps commendably proactive in this regard.

UPDATE: MLB has released its formal, and final, statement on the matter:

The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball has concluded its investigation into an alleged incident involving Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig and his sister in a Miami-area nightclub on November 26, 2015.  The investigation included interviews of witnesses, including Puig and his sister, as well as a review of video footage from inside the nightclub at the time of the alleged incident. 


The Office of the Commissioner’s investigation did not uncover any witness who supported the assault allegation; both Puig and his sister denied that an assault occurred; and the available video evidence did not support the allegation.  Thus, barring the receipt of any new information or evidence, no discipline will be imposed on Puig in connection with the alleged incident. 

Puig released a statement as well, via his attorney, Jay Reisinger:

We are pleased that the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball has concluded its investigation with respect to Yasiel.  Yasiel greatly appreciates the support he has received from the Dodgers, his teammates, and other players throughout baseball.  Now that the matter has been resolved and is behind him, Yasiel is looking forward to the 2016 season.