Mike Trout sides with the pitchers in the bat flip debate

Kevin Sullivan/The Orange County Register via AP

Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper helped reignite the heated debate concerning bat flipping, saying in an ESPN feature that baseball is “a tired sport, because you can’t express yourself.”

Angels outfielder Mike Trout, arguably the face of the game today, disagrees with Harper, Bill Shaikin reports for the Los Angeles Times. Trout said that flipping a bat in celebration after hitting a home run “definitely would be” showing up the pitcher. If he were a pitcher, Trout said, “I’d be pretty upset.”

Trout added, “I go out there and try to respect the game. I go out there and play. My parents always taught me to be humble.”

While I can’t recall Trout ever flipping a bat, he has certainly celebrated a great catch in the outfield. He robbed Jesus Montero of a home run last September, after which he pumped his first and let out a “Whoo!”

Is that disrespectful, showing up the hitter? Or is it okay for fielders to celebrate triumphs over hitters, but not okay for hitters to celebrate triumphs over pitchers?

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