I think we now know what happened to that pig Cespedes bought


A couple of weeks ago, in between stories about which cars Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes drove to the ballpark, there was a report that Cespedes paid $7,000 for a hog at a county fair.

To the extent anyone thought that Cespedes — who was introduced to many of us in a training video which featured him roasting a whole hog on a spit over a fire — planned on sending the hog to a nice farm up north where it would have room to run and a nice family with kids to take care of it, this update is relevant:


This raises some serious ethical questions, of course. Primarily: will this be a Carolina, Memphis or Kansas City-style deal? People have very strong opinions on this and I hope that Cespedes is sensitive to everyone’s point of view.