Madison Bumgarner to miss two spring training starts

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SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ — Giants ace Madison Bumgarner is going to miss two starts, the team announced today. He’s dealing with two injuries which the Giants say are minor: (1) a neuroma between the third and fourth joints on the bottom of his left foot; and (2) discomfort in his right ribcage just below the chest. A neuroma is the thickening of nerve tissue due to stress and strain which can cause discomfort.

The foot issue developed over the offseason but has continued to irritate him. He first felt the ribcage injury while swinging a bat in the cage on Friday. He told Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle that the injuries are not serious and that if it were the regular season he’d play through them. Now, however, caution is the order of the day. He had a cortisone shot for the foot and an MRI has ruled out an oblique strain for the ribcage ailment.

The issue, more so than the injuries, is Bumgarner’s preparation for the season. Missing two starts could cause him to be a bit less than 100% stretched out by the time the Giants break camp. Of course this is Madison Bumgarner we’re talking about here. Even with this stuff and even at less than 100%, if we needed a guy to go a couple of innings in a game against the Martians with the fate of the world at stake he’d still be on the short list.