A.J. Hinch gets a new deal from the Astros


Evan Drellich of the Houston Chronicle reports that Astros manager A.J. Hinch has gotten his contract reworked by ownership. The details aren’t known and the Astros aren’t saying, but everything in the story suggests that Hinch is getting more money, more years and/or more security in some respects.

Which makes some sense. When Hinch was hired he was not exactly the hottest commodity in managing history. His one previous stint, in Arizona, was kind of a disaster. While he was well thought of in front offices, he was not an obvious choice for a lot of teams. He did make sense for the Astros who were putting together a young team (Hinch’s problems in Arizona was in dealing with veterans) and had a front office who appreciated Hinch’s overall approach.

All that together meant that, in all likelihood, Hinch’s contract wasn’t a top-10 kind of deal. And, even if it’s not that kind of deal now, his success in Houston and the effusiveness his players have for his leadership justified a raise and/or some more security. Now he has it.