Giancarlo Stanton has a sore knee

Associated Press

There have been a host of minor aches and pains reported around baseball today. Outside of Jhonny Peralta, they’re all minor or, at least for now, are being characterized as such. As we noted this morning, take all of these reports with a grain of salt. Players will come back when they come back, they’ll be fine or they won’t be and the stuff said about it at the time of injury is to be discounted.

One minor ache and pain worth watching, I think, is Giancarlo Stanton‘s. Stanton didn’t make the Marlins’ trip to Viera to play the Nationals due to soreness in right knee.

The Marlins said that holding him back was just a precaution. And, of course, established veterans often don’t make road trips in the spring. But it is worth noting that the sore knee is the same one he had surgery on for bone chips back in 2012. The sort of thing that, even if it’s nothing now, you file away for later.