Fan saves boy from getting hit in the face with a bat


We’re used to seeing balls going into the stands at baseball games. Bats fly into the crowd sometimes too, but they are a bit less common. One went flying into the stands at the Braves-Pirates game over the weekend at the Braves’ Disney complex and nearly smacked a boy in the face.

He was saved by the adult next to him who shot his arm out just in time to deflect it. The moment was captured perfectly by photographer Christopher Horner of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Note that in the second picture the bat has done a complete 180-degree turn, less than a second later. That suggests it was helicoptering in pretty darn quickly. It also suggests that our hero on the left of the frame has a big, big bruise on his forearm today.

I’m sure he’ll take it, though, given that he saved that boy from some far worse injuries: