Andrew Miller to close during Aroldis Chapman’s suspension

Getty Images

Sometimes things in the news are shocking. Sometimes they are not. This is one of those latter deals: Brian Cashman said this morning that Andrew Miller was “absolutely” going to be the Yankees’ closer while Aroldis Chapman serves his 30-game suspension.

Miller, of course, knows from closing. He saved 36 games for the Yankees last season while posting an ERA of 2.04 (ERA+ 194) and striking out 100 batters in 61.2 innings. Which is to say that, no, the Yankees will not really be suffering for Chapman’s absence. They already had one of the best bullpens in baseball and will still have it while he’s gone.

And, while it obviously wasn’t drawn up this way, one wonders if Chapman having a month’s worth of rest on the front end of the season won’t make the New York bullpen even more effective in the latter parts of the season.