Video: Scott Schebler saves Reds’ lead with an outstanding catch

AP Photo/Danny Moloshok

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been able to link to or embed a fresh baseball highlight. Feels good, man.

Reds outfielder Scott Schebler turned in an early submission for “catch of the spring” with a tumbling grab in left-center field, which probably prevented three runs from scoring. The Reds’ 6-5 lead over the Indians was preserved and they ultimately won by that margin. Schebler had previously homered in the sixth inning to push the Reds’ lead to 6-2.

Here’s the link to the catch on Once an embed option is made available, we’ll put that here.

Schebler, 25, went to the Reds from the Dodgers in the three-team Todd Frazier trade this past December that also involved the White Sox. In 40 plate appearances last season, he racked up three home runs and stole two bases while playing both outfield corners.