Rockies raise the outfield fences at Coors Field


From the moment the Rockies moved into Coors Field they’ve been trying to figure out ways to suppress offense at altitude and it’s mostly been a failure. Their latest attempt was announced by the team today and involves raising the outfield fence by eight feet in right-center field and right field.

In a statement issued by the team, general manager Jeff Bridich said: “Armed with 23 years of statistics to evaluate, we are in a position to make this change, in a measured and educated way.”

One constant problem with trying to make Coors Field less of a hitter’s haven is that it’s not as simple as just pushing back or raising the fences, because while that will decrease homers it’ll also increase singles, doubles, and triples. Not only do the Rockies need to limit homers in an environment where the ball travels further, they also have to cover more outfield territory than other teams. And in this case hope that it won’t be too easy to smack doubles off the newly raised walls.