And now for the best pickoff move you’ll see this year


And when I say “best,” I don’t mean “most effective” because the pitcher here didn’t even get the runner. I mean “the pickoff move with the most style.”

I mean, Clayton Kershaw or Nate Eovaldi may be better at actually getting guys, but they’ll never be as smooth as Blake Fox of Rice University. Who pulled this number off in a game against University of Louisiana Lafayette yesterday:

So nonchalant. I imagine if a big leaguer did this we’d be having arguments about whether he’s respecting the game and there’d be no shortage of people talking about the unwritten rules of pickoffs, but Fox isn’t a big leaguer so who cares?

And who would care even if he was? Un-fun people, that’s who.

Video: Jackie Bradley Jr. climbs wall to rob Luis Urías of homer

Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images
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Red Sox center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. scaled the center field fence to rob Padres shortstop Luis Urías of a solo home run in the fourth inning of Sunday afternoon’s game. Urías was trying to take advantage of a 0-1 slider from Ryan Brasier. Had Bradley not made the grab, the Padres’ lead would have been extended to 4-1.

Unfortunately for the Red Sox, they weren’t able to take advantage of Bradley’s effort, dropping Sunday’s contest 3-1. They still won the series against the Padres, however. The Sox will continue their road trip for two games against the Rockies followed by three versus the Angels.