Jason Heyward is paying for a hotel suite for David Ross all season long


David Ross has always been known to be a leader and mentor to teammates. Indeed, there may not be a guy in the game who is talked about in more glowing terms as a teammate at present than Ross. Jason Heyward and Ross were teammates with the Braves and are, once again, teammates with the Cubs. And it’s abundantly clear that Heyward has enormous respect and admiration for the guy.

How so? According to MLB.com’s Carrie Musket, Heyward plans to pay for Ross to have a hotel suite for all 81 of the Cubs’ road games this year. Suites are something big megastars get suites as part of their contracts, but backup catchers who hit .167/.267/.252 tend not to be so lucky. That Heyward is doing this for Ross says an awful lot about both men.