Blue Thunder! Yasiel Puig is buying a helicopter to get to games


If you think the hot takes about Yoenis Cespedes’ hot cars are out-of-this world, just wait until Bill Plaschke or someone gets a load of this report.

TMZ spoke with Alex Vega, the guy who customizes all of the big leaguers’ cars, and he says that Yasiel Puig is buying a helicopter to get to the ballpark. And, of course, he plans on tricking it out too. The chopper, a Robinson R44, is reportedly around $350,000 used.

Puig lives in Sherman Oaks, which people in the area tell me isn’t that bad a drive to Dodger Stadium at the time of day Puig typically goes there. It’s against the worst of the traffic flow and off-peak hours, so he could probably make it in 20 minutes most days. Still, given his history, Puig driving is probably a bad idea even in the best of circumstances. Plus, if he gets the chopper, he can move down to the beach or something and not worry about his commute. Finally, doing this is a good way to say that he sees other Los Angeles sports heroes as role models.

In other news, if Puig goes through with this and does not, immediately, get the nickname “Blue Thunder,” then I am going to be greatly disappointed.