Yoenis Cespedes sent a Mets employee out in his Lamborghini for waffles

Associated Press

We’ve talked about Yoenis Cespedes‘ fun cars the past few days. But he doesn’t just show up and let people take pictures of his wheels. He lets lowly team employees go for a ride in them.

Well, I suppose you could spin it that way. You could also say that he uses his car as an incentive to have team employees go run errands that, taken by themselves, amount to diva demands. As Marc Carig of Newsday reports today, he had a Mets staffer take his nearly half a million dollar Lamborghini out today to get him some round waffles for breakfast. Because the waffles at the Mets facility were square and those are bad luck. Or something.

I guess that’s better than having the staffer take his own Corolla or whatever out to get the waffles. If he had asked that of me I’d have been tempted to use a coffee can or something to cut the square waffles into circles. Gas is cheaper now, but it’s still not free.